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LCF Learning Journey 2023 concludes with graduation rites

On March 14, the conclusion and “graduation rites” of the Learning Journey program for 2023 took place at the Asian Institute of Management.

Participants represented LCF members Jollibee Group FoundationUnilab FoundationSan Miguel FoundationEast-West Seed Foundation, Inc.- PhilippinesCebuana Lhuillier Foundation Inc., and Jesus V del Rosario Foundation Inc.

The participants presented insights and lessons learned during the Journey and action plans to take these lessons forward; and took questions from a panel of reactors as well as their peers to help refine and streamline their plans.

The Learning Journey program provides participants the opportunity to take deep dives into each others’ work by visiting other members’ offices, programs, and/or beneficiary areas, and to find opportunities for collaboration and share knowledge and best practices as well.

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