Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines celebrates first year of partnership with SPECTRUM!

Last October 9, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Inc. celebrated the accomplishments of Project REDUCE in its first year of partnership with SPECTRUM in Sarangani.

Project REDUCE aims to reduce plastic waste in the coastal communities of Sarangani Bay. The Bay is proclaimed as a “Protected Seascape” and is home to a lot of mangrove ecosystems, migratory birds, whales, dolphins, dugongs, pawikans, and large quantity of commercial and reef fishes.

Due to the threat of plastic pollution from coastal communities near the bay, SPECTRUM and Coca-Cola Foundation initiated this project that started last September 2018. Aside from community coastal clean-ups, this project also catered to capacity building, strengthened community MRFs, educational campaigns, learning exposures, and partnerships in school programs and other institutions. 

After one year of implementation, Project REDUCE had a total of 12.35 tons of collected garbage from Sarangani Bay and nearby communities.  30% of this is considered as recyclables and was upcycled by partner schools and institutions.

With the creative minds of the students from Malapatan Central Elementary School and Malandag Central Elementary School, they were able to build a new chapter in the life cycle of the collected PET bottles. They were able to transform these bottles into lampshades, chandeliers, and other home decorations. Some of the collected plastic straws were weaved to become “banig”, bags, and wallets. #ChapterTwo

From students to community groups, Coca-Cola Foundation and SPECTRUM look forward to a wider set of partnerships with the Local Government of General Santos City and Saranggani Province to stand against the threats of plastic pollution. Together, everyone can work to preserve Sarangani Bay.

Note: The Sarangani Province Empowerment and Community Transformation Forum Inc. (SPECTRUM) is recognized as the Best Civil Society Organization in the 2019 Gawad Kalasag Regional Awarding. It is a network of ten (10) local Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and People’s Organizations (POs) working for the developmental needs in Sarangani Province and General Santos City.

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