ACES Awards Names Manila Water Foundation As Asia’s Community Care Company Of The Year

Manila Water Foundation Executive Director Reginald Andal at the ACES Awards and Recognition Night in Bangkok, Thailand on September 20.

True to its mission in serving marginalized communities through water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), Manila Water Foundation (MWF), the social development arm of the Manila Water enterprise, bagged the Asia’s Community Care Company of the Year award, the top award for its category, at the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2019.

“We are very grateful on the commendation as the Asia’s Community Care Company of the Year. As our Chairman Fernando Zobel de Ayala articulated, Manila Water is not a business to run, but a mission to fulfill. Winning this prestigious award certainly underscores our commitment to continue bringing WASH for all communities,” said MWF Executive Director Reginald Andal.

Manila Water Foundation wins big at the ACES Awards 2019

The ACES Awards recognized MWF for its Integrated WASH Program—developed to provide access to clean and potable water to rural, marginalized communities, as well as improving their sanitation and hygiene practices—and its Flagship programs, which was developed to support public institutions through stand-alone WASH initiatives.

Integrated WASH Program

Through the Integrated WASH Program, communities are given physical access to a water supply that can provide them safe, clean and potable water for drinking, bathing, cooking and other everyday use.

With water readily accessible, the Integrated WASH Program moves to the sanitation phase. Manila Water Foundation intervenes by making sanitation facilities available in these communities.  Aside from provision of facilities, MWF conducts behavioral change communication (BCC) campaigns to trigger a behavior shift that promotes good sanitation practices and strengthen community accountability in taking care of its new facilities. Residents are involved in the design and construction and they are also put in charge of maintenance and minor repairs once the facilities are constructed.

The last phase of the Integrated WASH program is to enhance the community’s knowledge on proper hygiene practices, primarily Hand Washing with Soap (HWWS). As with Sanitation, BCC campaigns on hygiene not only teach the correct practice of HWWS during critical times, it also promotes having the presence of soap within handwashing facilities for an improved adoption of new behaviors that promote good health.

Flagship Programs

Manila Water Foundation supports public institutions and low-income communities through the Flagship Programs. These initiatives target those who have less to no capacity to install their own water service connections, stand-alone water supply systems or sanitation facilities. Hygiene education is also conducted to raise awareness on proper hygiene practices as keys to healthy living.

Pride in Excellence

2019 Asia's Community Care Company of the Year - Manila Water Foundation

The Asia’s Community Care Company of the Year is presented to companies leading in significant, innovative and inspirational corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns with a relevant mission. MWF was able to fulfill the parameters of the campaign, including the ability to campaign to engage the public, generate positive brand communication, be creative in execution, methodological approach in results measurement, and campaign’s continuity.

An international award-giving body, ACES Awards recognize companies and individuals in Asia across two main domains: leadership and corporate social responsibility. It values and distinguishes the accomplishments of businesses for their contributions to their communities and the world. The celebration of ACES Awards was held at the Athenee Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand on September 20, 2019.

“On behalf of Manila Water Company, Manila Water Foundation, its talents, stakeholders and beneficiaries – our heartfelt gratitude to MORS Group and its partners for this recognition. Let us continue to collaborate in ensuring that no one is left behind in Asia’s sustainable growth,” said MWF Executive Director Reginald Andal.

Manila Water Foundation at the ACES Awards

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