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CEO Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility

A survey conducted among 50 CEOs from various organizations, including LCF, MAP, WBC, and MBC. The result is limited to the responses gathered from the survey on the definition of CSR, the extent of the practice among respondents, as well as their challenges and future plans. This is the first extensive survey on CEO perspectives to date.



CSR Casebook

A casebook featuring 4 cases from Petron Foundation, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Splash Foundation (now Ang-Hortaleza Foundation), and Mirant Foundation (now TeaM Energy Foundation)



LCF Profiles

The latest compilation of the profiles of over 80 members of the League of Corporate Foundations, Inc., which includes organizational profiles and programs.

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Non Member:  1,200.00


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CSR Workbook

A workbook developed by the LCF-CSR Institute. The workbook provides information on the importance of the Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral part of the business strategy, and highlights an organization’s active participation in responding to social and environmental issues and challenges.



LCF-CSRI Research Series 2009, Vol. 1

This CD features the research projects and papers of the Institute in the year 2009.



Punla: A Beginner's Guide to Tree Planting

A compilation of case studies on tree planting initiatives. A project of the LCF’s Environment Committee. 150.00

CSR_From_Corporation_to_Transformation-smallCorporate Social Responsibility: From Corporation to Transformation

An anthology of essays from various practitioners and researchers of CSR topics and issues. 300.00


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Topic: CSR Theory, Evolution, and Trends

Osorio, Bong R. Passion Marketing: A Testament to Social Consciousness and Responsibility.

Pavia, Tina. 2007. Quick Scan About [sic] the Current Landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Working Group on Corporate Initiatives of WINGS.

Sarmiento‐Enrile, Lydia S. Presentation: CEO Perspectives on CSR.

Sarmiento‐Enrile, Lydia S. Presentation: Corporate Social Responsibility: Governance and Social

Topic: CSR Program Implementation and Practice

Case Study: Central Azucarera Don Pedro Case: Community as a Stakeholder.

Case Study: IBM KidSmart Early Learning Program: Bridging the Digital Divide.

Case Study: Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation Case: Corporate Giving as a Social Investment.

Case Study: Fruibel Asia’s Philanthropy: From Personal to Corporate.

Robin Hood Foundation. A Collection of Press Clippings, 2002‐2004.



Topic: CSR Theory, Evolution, and Trends

Sarmiento‐Enrile, Lydia. 2004. Corporate Social Responsibility: Beyond Giving. Speech delivered at PhilExport General Assembly, Lotus Garden, Manila, Philippines. August 18, 2004.

Sarmiento‐Enrile, Lydia. 2008. “Corporate Social Responsibility: At the Crossroads.” MAP Insights
Column, Business World. November 3, 2008.

Sarmiento‐Enrile, Lydia. Speech: Corporate Social Responsibility: A Key Business Strategy.

Sarmiento‐Enrile, Lydia. Presentation: Doing Good and Doing it Well. The CSR Roadshow.

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Villegas, Vicente T. 2008. “An Indispensable National Priority.” MAP Insights Column, Business World, September 2, 2008.

Topic: Socio-Economic Development, Indicators, and Poverty Reduction

Perez, Jun Jay E. Savings Patterns, Preferences and Behavior of the Poor: A Review of Related Literature.



Other Books



Strategy Demythicized

Why Today’s Business Models Fail to Deliver

Niceto S. Poblador, Ph.D.

The Power to Govern

  • OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
  • Good Governance Case Studies in the Philippines

Gregorio S. Navarro


Stories for Aspiring Leaders

Victor L. Magdaraog

Nikki Katherine M. Dy-Liaco

CSR For Sustainability and Success

Evelyn S. Wong

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Best of British Business

British Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

C.K. Prahalad


How Each of Us Can Change the World

Bill Clinton

Go Negosyo

Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs

Joey Concepcion

The Next 4 Billion

Market Size and Business Strategy at the Base of the Pyramid

Hammond, Kramer, Tran, Walker

Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia

Getting it Done the Intel Way

Asian Institute of Management

Towards Improved Corporate Governance

A Handbook on Developing Anti-Corruption Programs

Asian Institute of Management- Hills Governance Center

Scaling Up Poverty Reduction While Ensuring Profitability

Flordeliza L. Sarmiento

Dolores M. Torres

Ma. Chona O. David

Governance, Organizational Effectiveness and the Nonprofit Sector

Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium

101 Filipino Icons


Philippines NGOs

A Resource Book of Social Development NGOs

Association of Foundations

May Sining at Musika sa Kasaysayan at Sibika


Topic : CSR



ASEAN Foudation and Emerging CSR Issues

ASEAN Foundation

CEO Perspectives on CSR

League of Corporate Foundations

CSR Casebook

Corporate Social Responsibility Institute of the Phileppines

CSR Conference (FOLDER)

Stenphen Loke Chi The (President, Center for CSR, Singapore)

The Grantmaker’s Most Valuable Resource

Council on Foundations

Responsible Citizenship

Jesus Estanislao


Aakayin Kita, Volume 1

Christian Children’s Fund

Building a Constituency to make Education Work


The Child Friendly Firm: Defining Humanity in the business entities

Employers Confederation of the Philippines

The Child Friendly Firm: The Basic Orientation Session Facilitators Guide

Employers Confederation of the Philippines

Financing Schools Through the Special Education Fund Tax

Public Finance Institute of the Philippines, Inc.

Promoting ASEAN among the Youth

ASEAN Foundation

Recognizing the Child Friendly and Child Labor-Free Firms

Employers Confederation of the Philippines

Towards a World Safe for Children


Transforming Education on the Ground

Department of Education

Tulong Aral ng Petron

Asuncion Sebastian, for Petron Foundation


Beyond the Household

Ramon Fernan (ed.)

Development Powered by Volunteers

Phil. National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency

Directory of Local Volunteer Organizations

Phil. National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency/NEDA

Extending the Self

Grace Aguiling-Dalisay


Programang Kaakbay

Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation, Inc.

October- December 2008

Department of Social Welfare and Development

January-March 2009

Department of Social Welfare and Development

Philanthropic Leadership & Devt.: Perspectives from Six Asian..

Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium

Philanthropy in Disasters: Tsunami and After

Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium

Within Reach

Jeremaiah Manuel Opiniano


A handbook on Developing Anti-Corruption Programs

Hills Governance Center

Anticipating and Managing Crisis

Zuellig Foundation

The Bataan Sustainable Development Strategy

Project Management Office

Between the State and the Market

Ledivina Carino

Bohai Sea


Coastal Strategy of Nampho City

Republic of Korea

Corporate Citizenship: Winning a Seat...

Boston College (leaflet)

Danang Initial Risk Assessment

Danang People’s Committee

Dilemmas & Choices

The Health Leadership and Management Program

Financing for Development

Philippine Delegation’s Reference Paper


Council on Foundations (Conference Invite)

Manila Bay/ a Primer

Manila Bay Environmental Management Project

Mobilizing for Active Citizenship

Ledivina Carino

Port Klang


Personal Effectiveness and Team Bldg.

Philippine Business for Social Progress

Policy Research on Access to Quality Basic Education for Muslim Learners


Moving Forward with the Millenium Development Goals/May Pera Pa Ba?


Moral Imperatives of National Renewal

Seantor Leticia Shahani

The Philippine Road Rules & Regulations Handbook

Rene Lichauco

Poverty Alleviation

ASEAN/ Govt. Of Japan

Role of the Filipino Physician in Addressing Domestic Violence

Zuellig Foundation

Sharing Lessons and Experiences in Marine Pollution Management


Small Beginnings/Infinite Possibilities

Small Grants Programme Philippines

South-eastern Coast of Bali

Bali National ICM Demonstration Site Project

Sowing the Seeds in the Concrete Fields

An Anthology of CIDSS-NCR’s Best Stories

Strategic Planning Course

Philippine Business for Social Progress

World Report on road ttraffic injury perevention

World Health Organization

World Report on road traffic injury prevention Summary

World Health Organization


Best Environmental Management Practices

Management Association of the Philippines