Record high 371 UCPB-CIIF college, tech-voc scholars graduate in 2018

41 of college graduates received Latin honors, also a record

A record high 371 UCPB-CIIF scholars graduated last year, bringing to 2,503 the total number of graduates the UCPB-CIIF Scholarship Program has produced since it started in 2003. All the scholars are children of small coconut farmers.

The new graduates comprised of 131, who earned technical-vocational skill certifications from five Don Bosco Training Centers, and 186, who earned college degrees from 23 State Colleges and Universities.

One of them, Evelyn Dinopol, had to stop schooling after graduating from high school because her parents could not afford to send her to college.

Evelyn found work at the Cebu Export Processing Zone but never gave up on her dream of becoming a teacher.  Two years later, she got a UCPB-CIIF Scholarship grant.  Last year, at the age of 29, she graduated magna cum laude.

Her classmate and fellow UCPB-CIIF scholar, Era Jannica Ricablanca, graduated magna cum laude and at the top of the whole graduating class at the Cebu Technological University.

In all 41 UCPB-CIIF scholar-graduates completed their courses with Latin honors, including four who graduated magna cum laude, and 37 cum laude.  The number of honor graduates last year was also a record high.

The grade point average of the college graduates was 1.81, and that of the technical-vocational graduates 2.09. Both were higher than the program’s 2.5 grade requirement.

To-date, a total of 3,116 grants have been awarded to underprivileged youths from small, often remote barrios, in 63 coconut-producing provinces across the country.

According to the latest annual survey, eight in ten UCPB-CIIF graduates are now earning enough to be able to provide regular financial support for their families’ household expenses, for their parents’ income-augmenting livelihood activities, and for their siblings’ higher education.

UCPB-CIIF Foundation plans to take in 135 new scholars this coming school year.  It is actively looking for partner-sponsors to increase the number of new scholars to at least 200.

It takes only P131,000 to sponsor one scholar for a full four-year college course, or P32,750 per school year, under the UCPB-CIIF Scholarship Program, and P46,000 for a 15-month technical-vocational course.

Interested sponsors may contact the foundation at 840-3269.