Join the LCF Family

Serious about CSR? Join LCF!

Being part of the LCF network means having access to exclusive events such as quarterly general assemblies, special sessions for CEOs and executive directors, learning and sharing sessions, and special forums on current “hot issues”.

Your company or corporate foundation will also have access to a progressive series of learning resources and workshop-seminars designed so that participants can deepen their knowledge on CSR. This series includes topics such as CSR 101: Understanding CSR; Strategic Corporate Philanthropy; Program/Project Development & Implementation; A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainability Management & Reporting; and Communicating CSR: Doing Good and Telling it Well.

As a member, your company or corporate foundation can also join any of LCF’s program committees on Arts & Culture, Education, Enterprise Development, Environment and Health. It is through the committees that members get to develop new partnerships, share best-practice strategies, and generally learn more about the specifics relating to their foundations’ program mandates.

So join LCF and make your CSR experience both fun and fulfilling!



1.   A prospective member-organization should have been in operation for at least six (6) months at the time of application. (LCF membership is not limited to corporate foundations; LCF also welcomes corporations both big and small that have an active CSR program.)

2.   The prospective member is requested to accomplish the (1) membership application form (download here) and (2) submit a letter of application addressed to the LCF Executive Director, along with one copy of each of the following documents:

a)      SEC Certificate of Registration

b)      Articles of Incorporation

c)       Constitution and By-Laws

d)      Short background of the organization

e)      Organizational chart

f)       Latest Audited Financial Statements (for applicants for regular membership)

g)      Statement of expenditures and sources of funds related to CSR certified by a ranking corporate
officer (for applicants for associate membership)

h)      Foundation/Corporation brochures and latest CSR Annual Report or  Accomplishment Report

3.   Screening and Review of Application. The LCF Secretariat checks and validates the application documents, after which the Membership Committee is convened to review applications. Applications accepted by the Membership Committee are then endorsed to the Board of Trustees for approval during the next regular board meeting.

4.   Membership Acceptance. New members shall be inducted at the next LCF General Assembly. Payment of the membership fee for the current calendar year (only P25,000/year) shall be required prior to the new member’s induction.



Payment of annual dues entitles a member to:

1)      Join any of LCF’s committees

2)      Send two (2) representatives to all General Assemblies and Special Events

3)      Have its articles/news updates posted on the LCF website and e-newsletter free-of-charge

4)      Avail of “Members Only” rates to LCF-organized events and publications



In order to maintain its membership in the LCF, the organization must:

1)      Submit its annual report of operations and audited financial statements annually.

2)      Pay the annual membership dues and other charges imposed by the LCF.

3)      Participate in LCF's activities (e.g. learning sessions, general assemblies, etc.).