The CSR Lecture Series is designed for university students, preferably those taking up business and social sciences courses. It is a half-day session on the Basic Concepts and Principles and Best Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is offered free as part of LCF’s CSR advocacy and commitment to pursue and support the: 1) CHED Memo 39 and 2) the National CSR Week Celebration.

The CHED Memo 39 is a directive that was issued in 2006, mandating universities offering business administration courses to include three (3) units of Social Responsibility and Good Governance subject in the business administration curriculum. This CHED memo was influenced by LCF and, since 2007, most business courses have been offering the subject as part of the core curriculum. On the other hand, the first week of July was proclaimed as National CSR Week Celebration in 2001. Since its declaration, LCF has been leading the celebration of the CSR week every year as the League was designated to be the overall coordinating body to oversee the activities and to ensure a meaningful observance.