CSR Institute 

The Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) is a flagship program of the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF). 

As the capacity development arm of LCF, it is envisioned to play a crucial role in deepening the skills of the budding number of CSR practitioners.  CSRI taps on the wealth of expertise around the League and its partners to help CSR practitioners get to learn the rigors of managing social development programs that bring significant impact to the society at large while creating value to the business.

The CSRI aims to enhance awareness, understanding and promotion of CSR. It endeavors to be the repository of experiences, learning, best practices and challenges to sharpen and improve the practice of CSR among the existing practitioners. CSRI also wishes to design CSR courses for integration into the degree programs and ultimately professionalize the practice of CSR in the Philippines.

CSRI Course Offerings

CSR Assessment and Planning

Workshop on identifying and revisiting social vision, assessing stakeholders, identifying response and pressure points, and checking for consistency.

Duration: Two (2) days

CSR Program Development and Implementation

“How to” workshop on identifying appropriate programs, program feasibility, forging partnerships, action planning and managing stakeholders.

Duration: Two (2) days

Financial Management and Accounting Standards for Non- profits

Learning session that presents the relationship between project AND finance management in a non-profit organization setting.

Duration: Two (2) days

CSR Program Evaluation and Social Impact Measurement

Overview session designed for CSR practitioners with direct CSR responsibility for the measurement, evaluation and/or reporting of community investments.

Duration: Two (2) days

Measuring Environmental Performance Indicators

Learning session that will discuss the major categories of greenhouse gases (GHG) and the importance of a GHG inventory to business, and simulate the accounting and quantification of sample emissions of a sample business.

Duration: Two (2) days

Communicating Your CSR

Training seminar where participants learn the imperatives of communicating CSR and its critical role in managing stakeholders, especially in times of (corporate) crises. Covers both internal and external communications

Duration: Two (2) days

Resource Mobilization

Session to guide participants on how improve resource mobilization capacity, grant proposal writing skills, strengthen ability to identify and respond to funding opportunities and share lessons and experiences in mobilizing resources and donor relations.

Duration: Two (2) days

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

Learning session on identifying key stakeholders and establishes the involvement and role of these stakeholders in the CSR programs of the foundation / company.

Duration: Two (2) days

Annual Report Writing

Write-shop to help those approaching CSR reporting for the first time, as well as those wishing to generally deepen their understanding of elements that make up a thorough CSR report.

Duration: Two (2) days

Corporate Employee Engagement and Volunteerism

Learning session to guide participants on setting up a corporate volunteering program for its employees.

Duration: Two (2) days

For inquiries, email programs@lcf.org.ph or call (+63.2) 892-5753